A Fresh Approach to International Currency Payments & Collections

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A Fresh Approach to International Currency Payments & Collections

Problems We Solve

Reduce the amount you pay to global vendors. Increase the value of your receivables on sales to global clients.

“We Need to Lower Our Costs”

With increasing shipping costs, fuel, and interest rates, many businesses are concerned about eroding margins and a reduction in net profit.
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“We Need to Boost Revenue”

You could be missing out on international sales if you’re not quoting your buyers in local currency. You can also lose a chunk of revenue to bad rates on what does come in.
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“We’re Losing Business to the Big Banks”

You’re losing business because you’re unable to offer foreign currency payments, or the FX margin is too wide for your client to bear, and this is not your fault!
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“I Just Don’t Know How Any of This Works”

That’s ok! This can be complex stuff–and being the expert is our job, not yours. So whether this isn't your specialty, or isn’t even your job really, we can help you take control.
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Solutions that Work

With our bank-beating currency exchange rates you can pay less to global vendors, and collect more on international sales.

International Payments

You deserve a good deal. With our bank-beating currency exchange rates you can pay less to global vendors, and collect more on international sales.
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Bulk Payments

Ideal for large-volume and recurring cross-border payments. Seamlessly upload CSV / XLS file formats. Let us take care of the rest.
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Multi-Currency Accounts & Collections

Collect in 30+ currencies. Get real-time notifications for cleared funds.
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Forwards & Drawdowns

Set the amount of currency needed and settlement date, typically up to 12 months in the future, at the current exchange rate, plus forward points.
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Payment Tracking

Bringing end-to-end visibility and transparency to cross-border payments.
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Market Orders

Whichever direction the market moves you are covered on both sides and get greater control over exchange rate risk.
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Rate Alerts

Stay ahead of market trends and make the most of your spending money.
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Get informed before making a payment. Save time and money. Maintain good working relationships with clients and business partners.
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Beneficiary Validation Service

To send a payment successfully, the beneficiary, or recipient, details must be correct. It might sound obvious, but just one wrong digit could lead to a failed payment – costing you time, money, and potentially, clients.
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Who We Help

We assist a wide array of clientele. With our vast knowledge of foreign exchange, we provide the best direction to help you succeed.


Simplify your domestic and international payments. 130+ currencies to 185+ countries. Real-time rates, improved efficiency and transparency.
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Local collections give you a ready-made solution to speed up collecting money in the USA, Canada, UK, and the Eurozone, expanding your international payment capabilities.
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International Operations or Subsidiaries

Buy and hold in the account for future obligations. Collect into the account from foreign buyers and repatriate funds in your home currency.
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Capital Investments & Foreign Investors

Enjoy the benefits of FX payments and receipts, forward trades, and a suite of multi-currency accounts to support subscriptions & redemptions from and to your international investors.
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Bank or Credit Union

Stop losing all of your clients' business to the big banks. We can can help you retain your clients, deepen your relationship with them, as well as increase your revenue.
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Vacation Rentals or Moving Overseas

Looking to reduce the purchase price of your overseas rental home with the guidance you need to make the most informed decision?
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A Few Words from Our Clients

“Moving home, and especially moving countries, is a very stressful event which is exacerbated when thinking of moving a significant sum of money internationally. GreenShootsFX held my hand at every step and demonstrated a strong empathy for the situation I was facing which made all aspects of the transition so much more comfortable. I slept more peacefully and received more GBP into my U.K account compared to what my bank or Wise would have achieved.”

Heather, migrated from US to UK

A Few Words from Our Clients

“We’re a start-up and so effective management of a tight budget is critical to our success. The rates offered by GreenShootsFX ensure we’re getting the best outcome when converting our currency receivables into U.S. dollars, as well as making sure we don’t overpay when remitting funds to our global vendors in their currency.”

Virgilio, Director of Finance & Accounting

A Few Words from Our Clients

“As a growing business, we must remain diligent about expense control, and the FX rates provided by GreenShootsFX support our agenda. In addition, the folks at GSFX are always on hand and have gone above and beyond with their white-glove client service and support. Thank you!”

Jonathan, CEO

A Fresh Approach to International Payments

GreenShootsFX is your FX partner focused on providing a fresh approach to international payments. We offer competitive pricing, streamlined and transparent payments chains, access to more currencies in more countries and dedicated support, all underpinned by leading-edge technology, integrity, and expertise.

Born from the idea that regional community banks, credit unions, and other businesses, both small and large, deserve a fresh approach to international payments and collections, GreenShootsFX provides their clients (exporters and importers alike) with a range of solutions designed to support all of their cross-border FX needs, from global collection accounts to first-class bulk payment capabilities to forward contracts with flexible terms.

Averaging more than 25 years of experience each, this group of like-minded, client-centric FX specialists, understands that not all businesses have the volume needed to demand FX payment services from, or negotiate better rates with their bank or credit union. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that the services GreenShootsFX offers focus on improved pricing, access to more currencies and countries, a new level of transparency and control, enhanced risk management, and robust client-account security.

Underpinned by an award-winning online platform designed by Currencycloud, GreenShootsFX is dedicated to helping its clients grow and strives to be the one-stop-shop for all their payment needs.

Resources at your Fingertips

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