How It Works

If you don’t have the volume needed to negotiate better FX rates with your bank or credit union, or if your financial institution is not able to offer you FX payments or at a great rate, GreenShootsFX can help.

Our FX flow ensures we receive near-market rates from multiple liquidity providers. We can then offer you tight pricing on your transactions, which equals substantial cost savings for your business. Our cutting-edge technology streamlines and shortens the payment chain, enhances risk management, improves transparency and keeps your funds safe and secure. Our dedication to first-rate client service ensures you get the solution you need and the attention you deserve.

Simply register for an account with GreenShootsFX to take advantage of all that we offer. Rest assured, you don’t have to move all of your business to do just some of your business.


Open a free online account quickly & easily with no obligation to trade. Call us or click here


We’ll activate your account and send you login details. We’ll also provide a tutorial on how to use each service.


After you have logged in and have selected the currency you wish to transfer we’ll provide you with an excellent exchange rate.


Once you’ve entered the beneficiary information online we’ll ensure a timely payment.


Global payments made the right way.

You're likely not aware your bank is sending payments in a convoluted fashion, via many intermediaries.

We have made it our mission to send your payments directly to the beneficiary bank, when possible, and without deductions so the beneficiary's bank receives funds in full.

Have additional questions? Need more clarification? Please get in touch.

GSFX Online

Your one-stop-shop for international payments with a secure authentication log-in feature.

Whether you want to manually input a single payment, or upload bulk payment files, or would rather choose seamless API integration with your ERP or TMS, our online system makes it easy.

  • Convert money across currencies
  • Switch balances between all currency accounts
  • Manage your FX risk
  • See your currency balances, statements & executed payments
  • View your account details for global collections
  • Retain beneficiary information for future transactions
  • Set up multiple levels of approval and authentication
  • Beneficiary validation tool – saves you time and money


About GreenShootsFX

An FX partner focused on providing a fresh approach to international payments: superior pricing, streamlined and transparent payments chains, access to more currencies in more countries and dedicated support, all underpinned by leading-edge technology, integrity, and expertise.

Born from the idea that regional community banks, credit unions and other businesses, both small and large, deserve a fresh approach to international payments and collections, GreenShootsFX provides their clients (exporters and importers alike) with a range of solutions designed to support all of their cross-border FX needs, from global collection accounts to first-class bulk payment capabilities to forward contracts with flexible terms.

Averaging more than 25 years of experience each, this group of like-minded, client-centric FX specialists, understands that not all businesses have the volume needed to demand FX payment services from, or negotiate better rates with their bank or credit union. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that the services GreenShootsFX offers focus on superior pricing, access to more currencies and countries, a new level of transparency and control, enhanced risk management and robust client-account security.

Underpinned by an award-winning online platform designed by Currencycloud, GreenShootsFX is dedicated to helping its clients grow and strives to be the one-stop-shop for all their payment needs.


The Team

Mark Ridley  DipFSM, CertICM
Managing Director & Co-founder

Mark began his career at NatWest Bank in London, England in 1991.  Since then, he has held various transaction banking roles at a number of global financial institutions including Nordea, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank. Most recently, Mark worked for BNY Mellon as North America Regional Head, Treasury Services.

Throughout his career, Mark has partnered with an array of clients, providing them with the global FX payment solutions that best met their needs. Clients have included corporates of varying sizes and in various industries, banks, credit unions, broker-dealers, asset managers and insurance companies.

Mark is a firm believer in the valuable role that community financial institutions and small to mid-cap businesses play in their local economies. He co-created GreenShootsFX specifically to offer these organizations a fresh approach to international payments – one that delivers competitive pricing, ease of use and greater transparency.

In 2015, Mark and his family moved permanently to the United States, settling south of Boston. He became a US citizen in 2018.

When he’s not responding to clients or obsessively checking FX rates or tinkering with spreadsheets, Mark can be found spending time with his family, playing golf, hitting the beach, walking the dogs or cutting the grass.


M: 781-206-9770

Sales Partner Program

Is it time for you to join an organization that empowers, rewards and genuinely cares about the welfare of its clients and colleagues?

Are you bored in your current role and looking for a new and exciting challenge? Maybe you find yourself in-between roles and you’re watching decades of FX experience go to waste.

Are you passionate? Articulate? Enthusiastic? Empathetic? Do you care about doing the right thing by your clients and prospects?  Are you tired of selling sub-standard products and services and trying to convince your trusted contacts that the benefits and features are “the best” in town?

If you can relate to any of the above, then get in touch. We’re looking for talented people to join the GreenShootsFX team and be part of an organization that empowers, rewards and genuinely cares about the welfare of its clients and colleagues. Connect with us at for more details.

Referral Partner Program

Better FX for your clients, more revenue for you.

If you work with US businesses and identify an unmet FX need – for example, the business cannot access the international cash management services they require, or they are not taking advantage of converting USD payments into the currency of the beneficiary – then GreenShootsFX might be able to help them, and you.

We’re building a significant set of relationships with Referral Partners who would be glad to introduce us to their corporate clients. Not only would you be steering your client in the direction of: excellent live FX rates, transparent payment methods, a robust suite of services and solutions, industry-leading functionality and a fantastic consultative group of relationship managers and client support staff, but you would also generate revenue for you or your company.

Referral fees are subject to terms and conditions, but are always paid from our profits – we do not increase client margin in order to kick-back to referral partners. After all, we are in existence to ensure all businesses are able to take advantage of bank-beating FX rates.

Our doors are open and you are welcome to perform a due diligence on us or our vendor partners until you’re 100% comfortable and satisfied that you can refer clients to us without compromising your relationship with them.

Please contact us at for more details.