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GreenShootsFX appreciates the valuable role community banks and credit unions play in their local economies and we’re here to help you retain your client revenue.
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Bank or Credit Union

The Problem

As businesses grow they look to your institution to satisfy their international cash management needs. Many US community banks and credit unions are unable to provide these services outright, resulting in clients being forced to seek solutions with larger, impersonal, global banks who compete for day-to-day services.

It could also be that what you provide is not quite meeting their needs, or maybe the margin you offer is not what they expect.

In the end, this may result in your client being forced to move their deposits, transaction banking, and other services to a larger banks which results in the loss of stable income that had been with your institution for many years.

Often, your client doesn’t want to have to move all of their business in order to do just some of their business.

In addition, what are your growth strategies? Wouldn’t it be awesome to take business from the larger banks? Well, through partnering with GreenShootsFX you can!


Referral Program

By joining GreenShootsFX’s Referral Program your clients can still gain the same benefits as they would under the white label arrangement, but on a standalone basis. We will work with your business development and relationship managers when it comes to identifying opportunities and provide them with education and confidence to approach their clients and prospects. Both of these capabilities allow you to not only continue working with your clients, but will also generate additional fee income. Furthermore, either scenario, should you wish, allows for your clients to move seamlessly from their online profile with your institution to our platform through a single-sign-on process.
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