Beneficiary Validation Service

To send a payment successfully, the beneficiary, or recipient, details must be correct. It might sound obvious, but just one wrong digit could lead to a failed payment – costing you time and money, and potentially, clients.
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Beneficiary Validation Service

The Problem

It’s always possible for beneficiary details to be entered incorrectly. This could be due to having the wrong format for account details to begin with, or manual errors from data entry. Often, your payment will be accepted with the error and it can take several days before the payment fails and you become aware of a problem.


The Solution

A beneficiary validation service that runs hundreds of thousands of live validation lookups per month.

In the background, rules have been built to validate key characteristics for all other account numbers and clearing codes for our supported currencies. These types of rules also apply to country codes, zip codes and other important beneficiary details.

This all means that you’ll be informed before making a payment if any of the beneficiary details are incorrect – saving you time, money and helping you maintain good working relationships with clients and business partners.

We work with the following:

Beneficiary Validation
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