Capital Investments or Foreign Investors

You require currency accounts to collect funds from foreign investors and need a bulk-payment capability to handle thousands of FX payments for redemptions and regular dividend payments.
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Capital Investments or Foreign Investors

The Problem

You’re frequently making a large number of recurring dividend or redemption payments. This can be tricky and you know manually entering all the details for each transaction into the system isn’t efficient. It’s not only highly time-consuming and costly, but prone to human error, and could result in payments being delayed.

You’re looking for a tool that can help improve the process and don’t have the resources or expertise in-house to integrate with an API.


The Solution

Our simple bulk upload tool takes the pain out of handling multiple conversions and payments. Upload thousands of transactions in one payment file at the click of a button via our easy-to-use web interface. All saving you time and money, with minimal error, investment or risk.

Simplify Your Domestic And
International Payments

130+ Currencies to 185+ Countries
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