FXRefreshed – Episode 19 – Damon Piatek of Welke Customs Brokers

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Welcome to the FXRefreshed Podcast! In this episode, Mark of GreenShootsFX speaks with Damon Piatek the CEO of Welke Customs Brokers. They talk about interesting topics like:

  • The increase in trade for air and ports
  • The recovering trade of North America
  • The effect of shutting down “non-essential businesses” on “essential businesses”
  • The impact of government in trade agreements

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About GreenshootsFX: GreenShootsFX offers a fresh approach to international payments by leveraging cutting-edge technology, with near market rates and providing dedicated support to meet your cross-border payment and collection needs.

About Welke Customs Brokers: Welke Customs Brokers provides comprehensive customs and logistics. They offer full service including entry, consulting, educational and mitigation services with full EDI capability and web-based software.

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