Serving Exporters

Local collections gives you a ready-made solution to speed up collecting money in the USA, Canada, UK and the Eurozone, expanding your international payments capabilities.

Our International Collections gives you the option to receive third-party funds from your customers in 30+ currencies.
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Serving Exporters

The Problem

Doing business with customers based in other countries can be complex and it can often be difficult to get paid. Often, you want to convert the payment amount back into your local currency, but it’s a costly process. Payments may not arrive in full, due to lifting charges levied by banks in the payment chain, or you have to pass the cost on to your client thereby reducing the competitiveness of your rates.

Furthermore, you believe invoicing your customers in USD is the best way to manage your receivables and cash flow.


The Solution

GreenShootsFX’s Local Collections service can change all that. Collecting money from abroad becomes simple, efficient and low-cost. Your buyers pay in their local currency, potentially saving them thousands which improves relations between you both, and you stand more chance of winning the business from prospects.

When you collect the foreign receivable you’ll be able to hold it indefinitely in your GreenShootsFX account or convert to more of your desired currency using our competitive rates as compared to using a bank.



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