FXRefreshed - Brian Kempisty, the founder of Port X Logistics - founding a second business, treating employees well, and navigating the supply chain crisis.

FXRefreshed – Episode 17 – Founder Brian Kempisty of Port X Logistics

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Welcome to another exciting episode of FXRefreshed! In this episode, Mark Ridley speaks to Brian Kempisty, the founder of Port X Logistics about revolutionizing truck transportation in the United States.

Mark picks Brian’s brain about:

  • Selling your first company
  • Building a second business
  • Successfully managing employees and their mental health
  • Implementing communicative technology to delight customers
  • Differentiating from your competition
  • Creating an aspirational brand
  • Executing a successful business generation strategy
  • Avoiding paralysis by analysis
  • How to succeed despite supply chain issues and capturing opportunities

GreenShootsFX offers a fresh approach to international payments by leveraging cutting-edge technology, with near market rates and providing dedicated support to meet your cross-border payment and collection needs.

Port X Logistics is a transportation company that specializes in expediting containerized cargo throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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