Global Payment Services is our DNA

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Every day, payments flow between businesses and people across borders around the world and is expected to reach $156 trillion in 2022.

Banks have historically been at the center of this market and continue to play a key role via the correspondent banking network (CBN). But if you’re doing business overseas, dealing directly with various banks is a frequent hassle. Sending and receiving payments can become overwhelming (and expensive) due to rules, processes and fees that vary by bank and money transfer provider. 

At GreenShootsFX, we know you have more important things to focus on so that’s why we offer a suite of global payment services that make transferring money as painless as possible. Highly competitive currency rates are real and only just the beginning. Through our intuitive payment platform, you’ll be able to rapidly send or receive more than 130 currencies, and operate 34 multi-currency accounts in a digital wallet. And with support from our experts, you’re empowered to proactively manage FX risks so you can more confidently budget for international payments.

Here’s an overview of our global payment services.

GSFX Online

This is mission control. Our digital payments platform puts you in the driver’s seat managing global transactions, conveniently and securely. 24/7 access offers real-time payment status from your mobile device or desktop.

Spot Transactions

Need to make a cross-border transfer ASAP? Spot transactions let you send or receive a huge range of currencies at the live exchange rates without stress. Two business day delivery is standard, but same or next-day delivery is available for select currencies.

Forward Contracts

Forward contracts let you secure today’s exchange rate, but deliver a payment at a later date. Protect your business from unfavorable market moves—no more worrying about volatility. And no need to make the payment today: You choose the amount of currency needed and the settlement date, which can be up to two years in the future. Let us help you better determine your cash flow.

Multi-Currency Accounts

Avoid having to open international bank accounts and opt for our multi-currency accounts, which allow you to hold up to 34 currencies for future use. When you need to make a payment, simply transfer funds directly from the account. Or receive incoming foreign funds. No required minimum balance, and no account maintenance fees.

Payment Assurance

To reduce the risks of international payments, we offer Payment Assurance. Importers purchasing from foreign supplies can be sure they’ll receive goods. Exporters can sell to more customers and be sure they’re paid every time. And the whole process is online—no more annoying manual processes and paper documents.

GreenShootsFX API 

All these global payment services can be integrated into your digital infrastructure through our API offering. We offer a toolkit of payment and conversion APIs giving you the seamless ability to automate end-to-end payment processes and access our full range of services. And end-to-end development support ensures easy and successful integration

We have you covered so you can continue to do what you do best – running and managing your company.