Serving Importers

Simplify Your Domestic and International Payments.
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Serving Importers

The Problem

Paying your international vendors on time and being offered poor FX rates for each currency conversion, as well as limited or no transparency in the payment chain, certainly makes doing business more difficult.

Traditional banks usually offer daily static FX rates with a high markup and if they do reduce the markup you still lose transparency of the exchange rate.

You need a flexible tool that gives you access to real-time FX rates, at minimum cost, while allowing you to manage risk and minimize your FX exposure.


The Solution

Using the technology we offer, you can be assured of receiving an excellent ‘live’ FX rate typically ensuring more currency can be delivered for less of your home currency on a date of your choosing.

Furthermore, with our access to SWIFT GPI, you will be able to track and trace your payment or pull a copy of the payment instruction as evidence to reassure your beneficiary that funds were sent to their bank.

Simplify Your Domestic And
International Payments

130+ Currencies to 185+ Countries
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