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Foreign currency

Managing Non-G7 Currencies: Why Paying in Local Currencies Could Benefit Your Business

According to a report by McKinsey & Company, flows of goods, services, finance and people have reached unimaginable levels, to the extent that by 2025, global flows could reach $54 trillion to $85 trillion, doubling current levels. As more businesses extend their supply...
Providing service you deserve

What "The Service You Deserve" Really Means

To many business professionals, the world of foreign exchange can be a bit, well, foreign. There are lots of moving pieces and parts and they all matter because they affect your business.  Most Fintech companies can tell you what today...

Why Your FX Payment Rates Could and Should Be Lower

You’re about to conduct an overseas business transaction so you do a quick Google search to check the current foreign exchange rates. The search results are reporting the current day’s mid-market rate. But wait – that’s not the...

Innovation Podcast with Currencycloud

As a guest on Currencycloud’s Innovation Podcast, Mark discusses setting up GreenShootsFX and previews where he and the team might like to take the business.

Monthly GBP vs USD Update: December 2020

Mark gives his monthly currency update to Richard Taylor of Taylor & Taylor Financial Services USA LLC.

How Companies can Minimize the Impact of Yuan/Dollar Fluctuations

A quick history of the CNY (RMB) The Chinese Yuan (CNY) had been a fixed currency pegged at 8.3 RMB (the people’s renminbi) to the U.S. dollar from 1997-2005. The PBOC (People’s Bank of China) lifted this in...

Monthly GBP vs USD Update: November 2020

Mark gives his monthly currency update to Richard Taylor of Taylor & Taylor Financial Services USA LLC.

Partnership: The Smart Way a Credit Union can Grow with their Members

by Mark Ridley **This article was originally published on**   Looking back on my almost 30 years in international banking, I can safely say that two of the most annoying and often repeated comments I’ve learned to anticipate...