Pay Internationally Without the Headaches

130+ Currencies to 185+ Countries
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Pay Internationally Without the Headaches

Reduce The Amount You Pay

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Our FX rates are competitive. Why does that matter? It means you’ll pay less in dollars for your foreign imports.

Use our cutting-edge technology to access our global business payments network. You will find that paying international suppliers, international salaries, and pension payments have never been easier. By increasing transparency and streamlining the entire payments chain we can ensure timely and accurate transactions and support you in maintaining solid cross-border working relationships.

You deserve a good deal. In partnership with our FX liquidity providers, we are dedicated to helping companies of all sizes deliver more currency to their beneficiaries for less USD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Solutions At Work

Take a look through some of our client use cases to see how GreenShootsFX Provides a Fresh Approach to International FX Payments.


Paying your international vendors on time and being offered poor FX rates for each currency conversion, as well as limited or no transparency in the payment chain, certainly makes doing business more difficult.
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Doing business with customers based in other countries can be complex and it can often be difficult to get paid. Often, you want to convert the payment back into your local currency, but it’s a costly process.
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Bank or Credit Union

GreenShootsFX appreciates the valuable role community banks and credit unions play in their local economies and we’re here to help you retain your client revenue.
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Total Transparency

Gain full transparency of funds through the entire payment ecosystem - Track and trace funds through SWIFT- GPI technology - Provide your beneficiary with a copy of the outbound payment instruction

Enhanced Risk Management

Buy today and hold currency in accounts - Know your rate upfront - Window Forward contracts maturity out to 12 months - Draw down in part or the full amount

Robust Security & Safety

Funds held in client-segregated and ringfenced accounts - Multiple layer authentication; an extra layer of protection - Regular due diligence performed on our vendors - Fully meets Data Protection laws

First-Rate Client Service

Direct access to a dedicated Relationship Manager - Timely, attentive & upbeat tailored service - Rate alerts available for you. Payment alerts for your beneficiaries - Regular one-to-one service and account reviews

Pay Internationally
Without the Headaches

130+ Currencies to 185+ Countries
Quick, Secure & Efficient
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