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Join efforts with an organization that empowers, rewards and genuinely cares about the welfare of its clients and colleagues.
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Partner Programs


Sales Partner Program

Are You Looking for a New and Exciting Challenge?

Maybe you find yourself in-between roles and you’re watching decades of FX experience go to waste.

Are you passionate? Articulate? Enthusiastic? Empathetic? Do you care about doing the right thing by your clients and prospects? Are you tired of selling sub-standard products and services and trying to convince your trusted contacts that the benefits and features are “the best” in town?

If you can relate to any of the above, then get in touch. We’re looking for talented people to join the GreenShootsFX team and be part of an organization that empowers, rewards and genuinely cares about the welfare of its clients and colleagues. Connect with us at for more details.


Referral Partner Program

Better FX for Your Clients, More Revenue for You.

If you work with US businesses and identify an unmet FX need – for example, the business cannot access the international cash management services they require, or they are not taking advantage of converting USD payments into the currency of the beneficiary – then GreenShootsFX might be able to help them, and you.

We’re building a significant set of relationships with Referral Partners who would be glad to introduce us to their corporate clients. Not only would you be steering your client in the direction of: excellent live FX rates, transparent payment methods, a robust suite of services and solutions, industry-leading functionality and a fantastic consultative group of relationship managers and client support staff, but you would also generate revenue for you or your company.

Referral fees are subject to terms and conditions, but are always paid from our profits – we do not increase client margin in order to kick-back to referral partners. After all, we are in existence to ensure all businesses are able to take advantage of bank-beating FX rates.

Our doors are open and you are welcome to perform a due diligence on us or our vendor partners until you’re 100% comfortable and satisfied that you can refer clients to us without compromising your relationship with them.

Please contact us at or download our free brochure for more details.

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