Payment Tracking

Bringing End-To-End Visibility and Transparency to Cross-Border Payments.
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Payment Tracking

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Tracking and knowing where your funds are within the payment chain helps keep your accounts payable up to date, which is crucial for any business.

When you initiate your payments, via SWIFT, through GSFX Online you are able to do just that. It’s a little bit like tracking your package through Amazon.

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Payment trace and tracking functionality as a self-service option, removing the need to contact GSFX Customer Support.


Find missing or delayed payments in minutes and understand why the payment has been held up in transit.


See where any SWIFT payment is within the network at the click of a button.


See which banks have processed the payment and deducted fees along the way.


Offer faster payment delivery times, with beneficiaries in certain countries seeing payments landing in seconds, minutes or hours, and not just being credited on a same-day basis.


For the first time in payments history have complete certainty when funds have credited a beneficiary account.

Payment Tracking
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