Problems We Solve

Global payments are expensive and currency conversions often carry high margins that you cannot see meaning you pay more than you should to global vendors.

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Problems We Solve

“We Need to Lower our Costs”

With increasing shipping costs, fuel, and interest rates, many businesses are concerned about eroding margins and a reduction in net profit.

However, many U.S.-based businesses are not aware of simple solutions available to them to reduce the cost of doing international business. These practices are not reserved just for times of stress and should be employed at all times during the life of your business to;

  • Reduce the expense of bank borrowing
  • Reduce the value paid in dollars to vendors
  • Reduce payment fees to zero

If you are paying global vendors in U.S. dollars and not in their local currency, you have currency exchange risk in the dollar value (the exporter increases the dollar price when their currency strengthens) and it is likely to be priced 3-7% too high.

95% of dollars paid internationally are converted into local currency. Your vendor has the foreign exchange risk and therefore has no choice but to increase the dollar price by ‘padding’ the invoiced amount to protect themselves if their currency strengthens by the time they receive your payment.

If you request a dual price on your next order i.e. one in dollars, as you do today, and the other in your vendor’s currency then in almost all instances, by using GreenShootsFX, you’ll find the currency payment to be significantly cheaper.

And by fixing your FX rate today you’ll know just how many dollars to pay when the invoice falls due.

In many cases, you can increase your Days Payable which reduces your need to draw down on any lending facilities.

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Additional Problems We Solve

"We Need to Boost Revenue"

You could be missing out on international sales if you’re not quoting your buyers in local currency, and then losing a chunk of revenue to bad rates on what does come in.
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“We’re Losing Business to the Big Banks”

As a regional bank you’re losing business because you’re unable to offer currency payments, or the FX margin is too wide for your client to bear, and this is not your fault!
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“I Just Don’t Know How Any of This Works”

That’s ok! This can be complex stuff–and being the expert is our job, not yours. So whether this isn't your specialty, or isn’t even your job really, we can help you take control.
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Problems We’ve Solved

Take a look through some of our client use cases to see how Green Shoots FX Provides a Fresh Approach to International FX Payments


Paying your international vendors on time and being offered poor FX rates for each currency conversion, as well as limited or no transparency in the payment chain, certainly makes doing business more difficult.
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Doing business with customers based in other countries can be complex and it can often be difficult to get paid. Often, you want to convert the payment amount back into your local currency, but it’s a costly process.
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Bank or Credit Union

GreenShootsFX appreciates the valuable role community banks and credit unions play in their local economies and we’re here to help you retain your client revenue.
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Lower your Costs
Easily & Efficiently

Reduce the expense of bank borrowing.
Reduce the value paid in dollars to vendors.
Reduce payment fees to zero.
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