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FXRefreshed – Episode 21 – Recommended Resources for Logistics and Sales with DJ Flores

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Welcome to the FXRefreshed Podcast! In this episode, Mark of GreenshootsFX speaks with DJ Flores, Owner of Flo ReSale and Flo Transportation LLC. They discuss helpful business resources and how they helped DJ shape his career.

This episode goes into:

– DJ’s career journey
– How to face risk in a smart way
– Growing your network
– The importance of developing your knowledge
– Using Audible and YouTube as inexpensive forms of learning
– Book recommendations include: Rich Dad Poor Dad, Art of War, Outwitting the Devil, and more!

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About GreenshootsFX: GreenShootsFX offers a fresh approach to international payments by leveraging cutting-edge technology, with near market rates and providing dedicated support to meet your cross-border payment and collection needs.

About Flo ReSale: We specialize in finding truckloads of quality pallets of returns and new product that is either shelf pulls or unsold overstock.

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