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FX Weekly
FX Weekly Update – January 30th, 2023
The economic data released last week, PCE and PPI, confirmed that inflation is decelerating. Durable Goods, precisely the "ex-defense" number, jumped an impressive 6.3%. The...
FX Weekly
FX Weekly Update – January 23rd, 2023
Currency markets remained steady last week. The dollar drifted between new short-term lows and weak rallies and lost ground against most currencies. Inflation in the...
FX Weekly
FX Weekly Update – Jan 17th, 2023
U.S. CPI, released last week, did confirm that inflation continues to move lower. The YoY  level fell to 6.5% and the MoM printed -0.01%. Consequently, the...
FX Weekly
FX Weekly Update – January 9th, 2023
The dollar fell hard after the U.S. employment situation was reported Friday morning. The dollar's rally into the New Year ended abruptly when non-farm payrolls...
CFO Best Practices
In this short cartoon we demonstrate why paying global vendors in dollars and not the currency of your seller could be costing you between 4-7%...
How To…Input a Payment
In this 'How To' video we demonstrate how simple and easy it is to create a payment, and then approve it. Watch Here:
How To…Input & Amend Templates
In this 'How To' video we show you how to create beneficiary templates, and and/or delete them. Watch Here:
How To…Book A Trade
Booking a currency conversion using your GreenShootsFX online account is really quite simple as you will see from this handy 'How To' video. Watch Here:...
FX Weekly
FX Weekly Update – January 2nd, 2023
Happy New Year! The 2022 story for the dollar was evident—interest rates. While the Fed and the talking heads at financial institutions were talking about...

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