International Payments

130+ currencies to 185+ countries; Quick, Secure & Efficient

Use our cutting edge technology to access our global business payments network and you’ll find that paying international suppliers, international salaries, pension payments, and more has never been easier. By increasing transparency and streamlining the entire payments chain we can ensure timely and accurate transactions and support you in maintaining solid cross-border working relationships.

You deserve a good deal. In partnership with our FX liquidity providers we are dedicated to helping companies of all sizes deliver more currency to their beneficiaries for less USD.

Total Transparency
  • Gain full transparency of funds through the entire payment ecosystem
  • Track and trace funds through SWIFT GPI technology
  • Provide your beneficiary with a copy of the outbound payment instruction
Enhanced Risk Management
  • Buy today and hold currency in accounts
  • Know your rate upfront
  • Window Forward contracts maturity out to 12 months
  • Draw down in part or the full amount
Robust Security & Safety
  • Funds held in client-segregated and ringfenced accounts
  • Multiple layer authentication; an extra layer of protection
  • Regular due diligence performed on our vendors
  • Fully meets Data Protection laws
First-Rate Client Service
  • Direct access to dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Timely, attentive & upbeat tailored service
  • Rate alerts available for you. Payment alerts for your beneficiaries
  • Regular one-to-one service and account reviews

Bulk Payments

Ideal for large-volume and recurring cross-border payments
Seamlessly upload CSV / XLS file formats; let us take care of the rest

If you need to make large-volume, recurring international payments in multiple currencies (e.g. cross-border pension or salary payments), and would like to streamline your process, our Bulk Payments solution can help. Simply upload one file for all payments to all beneficiaries in all available currencies.


A summary of each bulk trade against chosen sell currency

A summary of total/consolidated sell currency against all purchase currencies

Information on invalid payments – i.e. missing information, incorrectly formatted

Generate a single file

A bulk file containing multi-currency payments in a CSV format

Upload your file

Upload thousands of transactions in one payment file at the click of a button


Confirm the FX rates

The rest is up to us

Trades will be executed and payments sent to your beneficiaries. View your activity

Multi-currency Accounts & Collections

Collect in 30+ currencies. Real-time notification for cleared funds

Our Multi-currency Accounts & Collections solution provides you with the bank account your business needs in the currencies and countries your clients want. Gain competitive advantage by enabling your importer to pay you like a local and benefit from cross-border and in-country collections.

The Problem

You’re frequently receiving funds from your international clients and while you may be able to open a bank account in the country whose currency you wish to hold, there are often minimum balances and significant amounts of paperwork involved. When you move the money, it can be a slow and costly process. You’re looking for a tool that can give you access to multiple currencies, simply and efficiently, without requiring huge costs and administrative effort.

The Solution

Our multi-currency account functionality gives you the ability to hold money in 30+ different currencies and pay out in 130+ different currencies. Move money across the globe hassle-free without needing to set up bank accounts in country.


Simplify your operations by collecting money globally without the need for multiple bank solutions or a local presence. It’s easy and secure.


Make it easy for your clients. Invoice your clients and accept payments in their currency to gain a competitive advantage and build long-lasting working relationships.


View funds you’ve collected online once you’ve received your email notification of the credit. Repatriate funds at competitive FX rates and/or make payments quickly and securely from your chosen currency account.


If you’ve a different opinion on where the forward rate will be, buy your currency today and hold it in your designated currency account until you’re ready to use it.

Window Forwards and Drawdowns

GreenShootsFX’s Window and Fixed Date Forwards allows you to set the amount of currency needed and settlement date, typically up to 12 months in the future, at the current exchange rate, plus forward points.

The Problem

Managing your foreign exchange exposure can be complex and not without risk. You’re looking for a solution that allows you to purchase a specific amount of foreign currency today at competitive rates to use in the future (forwards) but that you can drawdown in a range of settlement dates (windows).

In addition, you have an unknown cash flow for the foreseeable future and would like certainty of the financial obligations in your currency.

The Solution

GreenShootsFX’s forwards and drawdowns capability allows you to lock in rates up to a year in advance, while drawing down the funds you need, when you need them. Remove the complexities, inefficiencies and expense of traditional cross-border payments. What’s more, it’s easy to integrate with your existing solution and provides you with clarity on your future cash flow.

Risk Reduction

Manage your FX exposure by locking in competitive rates or holding currency in your digital wallet

High efficiency

Pay multiple invoices in foreign currencies as and when you need by drawing down part, or the full amount, at any given time

Improved control

Full visibility of your FX activity and margin requirements

Superior technology

Secure and reliable technology you can rely on is in our DNA. You can focus on what you do best.

Payment Status

Bringing end-to-end visibility and transparency to cross-border payments

Tracking and knowing where your funds are within the payment chain helps keep your accounts payable up to date, which is crucial for any business.

When you initiate your payments through GSFX Online you are able to do just that, with each transaction separated into four statuses:

Initiated – shows when a payment was created and confirmed with GreenShootsFX

Funded – your wire or ACH debit was received and processed by GreenShootsFX

Sent – GreenShootsFX has sent the payment to your beneficiary’s bank

Delivered – the payment is estimated to be delivered at your beneficiary’s bank

These statuses are displayed as four gray circles and, when a payment completes a status, the circle changes to blue.

Market Orders

Choose your exchange rate.

Market orders offer continuous, around-the-clock market coverage and automatically execute transactions for you when the market hits your specified exchange rate–going far beyond your bank’s limited operating hours.


  • No cost or fees to place market orders
  • Monitored 24/7
  • Automatically executed trades when the market hits your rate
  • Set expiry date or leave it open
  • Easily modified or canceled
  • Flexible processing options
  • Stop-Loss Orders
  • Take-Profit Orders


Whichever direction the market moves you are covered on both sides and get greater control over exchange rate risk.

Graph display on tablet

Rate Alerts

Let us watch the market for you

Sick of trying to keep up with always-changing exchange rates? We’ve got you covered.

Simply set up currency alerts for the foreign money you need and your desired exchange rate. Once the exchange rate reaches the right value, we’ll send you an email to let you know.

By using our rate tracker, you can stay ahead of market trends and make the most of your spending money.

Rate Alerts Dashboard example


Tracking transactions with ease. GreenShootsFX’s automated email notification capability gives you real-time visibility and instant updates on how transactions are progressing.

The Problem

Staying in control and efficiently managing cross-border payments is key to providing a great customer experience. Whether it’s tracking the progress of a conversion, or getting notified when your clients are active in the platform, you need to be in the loop every step of the way.

Whether you have one client, or vendor, or thousands, constantly checking the platform to monitor the status of conversions, payments and user activity isn’t a good use of your time.

The Solution

GreenShootsFX’s notifications capability allows you to track transactions and state changes in a more streamlined manner. When the status of a transaction changes, a notification can be triggered to an end-point or email address of your choice.

A highly efficient way of keeping you up to speed for a variety of conversion, payment and transfer activities including:

New payments created – Payment failed – Payment released – Trade settled – Funding transactions

Beneficiary Validation Service

To send a payment successfully, the beneficiary, or recipient, details must be correct. It might sound obvious, but just one wrong digit could lead to a failed payment – costing you time and money, and potentially, clients

The Problem

It’s always possible for beneficiary details to be entered incorrectly. This could be due to having the wrong format for account details to begin with, or manual errors from data entry. Often, your payment will be accepted with the error and it can take several days before the payment fails and you become aware of a problem.

The Solution

A beneficiary validation service that runs hundreds of thousands of live validation lookups per month.

In the background, rules have been built to validate key characteristics for all other account numbers and clearing codes for our supported currencies. These types of rules also apply to country codes, zipcodes and other important beneficiary details.

This all means that you’ll be informed before making a payment if any of the beneficiary details are incorrect – saving you time, money and helping you maintain good working relationships with clients and business partners.

UK sort codes & account numbers
US ABA numbers
SEPA IBAN numbers