FXRefreshed - Episode 15 - Helping Truck Drivers Prolong Their Lives and Reducing Expenses with Mark Manera

The FX ReFreshed Podcast- Episode 15- Mark Manera

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Welcome back to the FXRefreshed podcast! Today, Mark of GreenShootsFX speaks with Mark Manera, founder of The Trucking Fitness Company. They discuss:

  • Struggles with trucker’s health
  • Fitness in the logistics industry
  • Influences on the entrepreneurial spirit
  • The financial payoff in investing in trucker’s wellness
  • And more!

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About GreenShootsFX: GreenShootsFX offers a fresh approach to international payments by leveraging cutting-edge technology, with near market rates and providing dedicated support to meet your cross-border payment and collection needs.

About The Trucking Fitness Company: The first online program that helps trucking companies develop happier and healthier drivers for ZERO cost to their bottom line.

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