Vacation Rentals & Moving Overseas

GreenShootsFX can possibly help reduce the purchase price of your overseas property by providing you with the guidance you need to make an informed decision.
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Vacation Rentals & Moving Overseas

The Problem

Purchasing a vacation rental property, or buying your dream home in another country, doesn’t need to be an overly complicated process. It also should not come with additional and avoidable expenses. Often, people make the common mistake of going through a bank and not receiving the advice they need to make the best financing decision. These mistakes often end up costing the buyer more.

You need to go through a reliable source for international payments and work with a company that specializes in FX rates. Plus, we’ve moved internationally too so we’re here to offer you a welcome hug and to reassure you that you’ve got this.


The Solution

Best practice suggests paying in the currency of the vendor under the supervision of an FX specialist such as ourselves. Doing so may result in a much lower purchase price for your property.

To make the vacation rental investment an easier process, we’ve partnered with HighFlyRE, a marketplace for vacation rental sales around the world. They make your search for property easier by providing you with detailed property information.

Being experts in the world of vacation rentals, they offer insightful advice for first time buyers, and articulate important considerations you should take into account when looking into your overseas real estate options.

And with our bank beating currency rates you’ll be paying significantly less for your new home.



Buying a Home Overseas
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