Simplify your domestic and international payments.
130+ currencies to 185+ countries.
Real-time rates, improved efficiency and transparency.

The Problem

Paying your international vendors on time and being offered poor FX rates for each currency conversion, as well as limited or no transparency in the payment chain, certainly makes doing business more difficult.

Typically, you may turn to a traditional bank or a payment processor to convert and then pay out the funds, but this can often result in heavy FX fees that need to be covered by you or your customer, thereby further increasing the cost of doing business. Traditional banks usually offer daily static FX rates with a high markup and if they do reduce the markup you often lose transparency of the exchange rate.

You need a flexible tool that gives you access to real-time FX rates, at minimum cost, while allowing you to manage risk and minimize your FX exposure.

The Solution

Using the technology we offer, you can be assured of receiving an excellent ‘live’ FX rate typically ensuring more currency can be delivered for less of your home currency on a date of your choosing.

Furthermore, with our access to SWIFT GPI, you will be able to track and trace your payment or pull a copy of the payment instruction as evidence to reassure your beneficiary that funds were sent to their bank.

Access competitive foreign exchange rates for 130+ currencies.

Manage foreign exchange exposure by locking in rates up to 12 months in advance.

Access both restricted and non-restricted currencies – hassle free.

Create, find, amend, cancel and draw down a conversion.


Local Collections gives you a ready-made solution to speed up collecting money in the USA, Canada, UK and the Eurozone, expanding your international payments capabilities.

International Collections gives you the ability to receive third-party funds from your customers in 30+ currencies.

The Problem

Doing business with customers based in other countries can be complex and it can often be difficult to get paid. Often, you want to convert the payment amount back into your local currency, but it’s a costly process. Payments may not arrive in full, due to lifting charges levied by banks in the payment chain, or you have to pass the cost on to your client thereby reducing the competitiveness of your rates.

Furthermore, you believe invoicing your customers in USD is the best way to manage your receivables and cash flow.

The Solution

GreenShootsFX’s Local Collections service can change all that. Collecting money from abroad becomes simple, efficient and low-cost. Your buyers pay in their local currency, potentially saving them thousands and improving relations between you both.

Alternatively, our International Collections service offers you the ability to receive funds internationally via SWIFT and easily collect and hold 30+ currencies from third-parties.

With both services, you will be notified when the funds credit your accounts so you can go online to either convert back into your home currency should you choose, or leave in the foreign currency for any obligations you might have.

You have International Operations or Subsidiaries

Maximizing the funding payment to your overseas operations is critical to their success.

The Problem

COVID-19 is affecting profits and you’re eager to ensure that payments to your international subsidiaries, in their local currency, are maximized by getting the best FX rate available.

In addition, you have local collection needs and some financial obligations to support your operations, but opening a local bank account is time consuming and expensive.

The Solution

GreenShootsFX can provide you with the tools you need to send payments to your overseas operations in their home currencies at bank-beating rates. We can also provide an account in the same currency.  Buy and hold in the account for future obligations or collect into the account from foreign buyers and repatriate funds in your home currency.

Talk to us about supporting your overseas operation within the same platform.

International Operations or Subsidiaries

You have Foreign Investors

You require currency accounts to collect funds from foreign investors and need a bulk-payment capability to handle thousands of FX payments for redemptions and regular dividend payments.

The Problem

You’re frequently making a large number of recurring dividend or redemption payments. This can be tricky and you know manually entering all the details for each transaction into the system isn’t efficient. It’s not only highly time-consuming and costly, but prone to human error, and could result in payments being delayed.

You’re looking for a tool that can help improve the process and don’t have the resources or expertise in-house to integrate with an API.

The Solution

Our simple bulk upload tool takes the pain out of handling multiple conversions and payments. Upload thousands of transactions in one payment file at the click of a button via our easy-to-use web interface. All saving you time and money, with minimal error, investment or risk.

Bank or Credit Union

GreenShootsFX appreciates the valuable role community banks and credit unions play in their local economies and we’re here to help you retain your client revenue.

The Problem

As businesses grow they look to your institution to satisfy their international cash management needs. Many US community banks and credit unions are unable to provide these services outright, resulting in clients being forced to seek solutions with larger, impersonal, global banks who compete for day-to-day services. In the end, this may result in the loss of stable income that had been with your institution for many years

Often, your client doesn’t want to have to move all of their business in order to do just some of their business.

Two Solutions

Option 1: Through integration you can white label our platform, branded to your colors and logo, so your business clients can enjoy the benefits of FX payments and receipts, forward trades, and a suite of multi-currency accounts to support their international cash flow needs and we will provide your institution with a share of the FX revenue.

Option 2: By joining GreenShootsFX’s Referral Program your clients can still gain the same benefits as they would under the white label arrangement, but on a standalone basis.

We will work with your business development and relationship managers when it comes to identifying opportunities and provide them with education and confidence to approach their clients and prospects.

Both of these capabilities allows you to not only continue working with your clients, but will also generate additional fee income. Furthermore, either scenario, should you wish, allows for your clients to move seamlessly from their online profile with your institution to our platform through a single-sign-on process.

Bank or Credit Union

Vacation Rental Properties

GreenShootsFX can immensely reduce the purchase price of your overseas rental home by providing you with the guidance and advice you need to make the most informed decision. 

The Problem

Purchasing a vacation rental property doesn’t need to be an overly complicated process. It also should not come with additional and avoidable expenses. Often, people make the common mistake of going through a bank and not receiving the advice they need to make the best financing decision. These mistakes often end up costing the buyer more. 

You need to go through a reliable source for international payments and work with a company that specializes in FX rates. 

The Solution

Best practice suggests paying in the currency of the vendor under the supervision of an FX specialist such as ourselves. Doing so will result in a much lower purchase price for your property. 

To make the vacation rental investment an easier process, we’ve partnered with HighFlyRE, a marketplace for vacation rental sales around the world. They make your search for property easier by providing you with detailed property information.

Being experts in the world of vacation rentals, they offer insightful advice for first time buyers, and articulate important considerations you should take into account when looking into your overseas real estate options. 

Vacation rental property