What “The Service You Deserve” Really Means

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To many business professionals, the world of foreign exchange can be a bit, well, foreign. There are lots of moving pieces and parts and they all matter because they affect your business. Most Fintech companies can tell you what today’s rate is, and even help you move your money from here to there. But when you’re faced with something unexpected or uncharted, you need a team with experience.

The client-centric FX specialists at GreenShootsFX have over 50 years of combined experience in international FX payments. We’ve weathered multiple recessions and numerous major disasters such as 9/11, Avian Flu, COVID-19, and more recently the impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. And we’ve helped many companies pivot or adapt in response to fluctuations in the financial industry.

Sometimes, regional banks and credit unions just don’t have the bandwidth to monitor their clients’ needs on a day-to-day basis. They’d like to, of course, but often have a lot of other business needs to focus on.

That’s where we fit in. At GreenShootsFX, we work hand in hand with our clients, getting to know their businesses and their usual buying/selling behavior. We help them understand fully how payments are made. What are the expectations? What might be the hurdles? How do we best manage risk?

Our experts are constantly monitoring current market conditions and we understand how foreign exchange rates are affected by what’s happening globally.

For example, let’s say an overseas government has substantial investments in an area that suffers a major disaster, like a hurricane or tsunami. If we know one of our clients has business interests in that government’s currency, we will proactively contact our client to offer advice on best next steps. We’re here as experienced coaches: “Now’s the right time to buy,” “Now’s the right time to sell,” or maybe “Now’s not the time to make any moves at all.”

Or, imagine you’re an Importer who’s offered an early payment incentive of 3% by a vendor if you pay within 10 days rather than waiting the full 90-day term. Though on the surface that may sound like an enticing deal, we may advise you otherwise. If the data we’re looking at suggests the rate might be heading in a different direction, we may suggest that even with the 3% discount, you’d be better off sticking with the original term. In this case you’d realize not only the cash flow benefits, but the projected rate change may be better than the 3% discount.

At GreenShootsFX, we know preparation is as important as execution. We can help develop a Foreign Exchange Risk Management Policy for your business. We’ll consider everything from who can transact a trade to which products can be used to manage risk, to which exposures should be hedged and how often. GreenShootsFX believes that currency execution alone doesn’t solve all the issues. We’ll assist in developing a well-thought-through plan that includes policy, exposure identification, market updates and flawless execution and delivery.

Sure, we offer great rates. (By the way, you can check live interbank FX rates here.) But more importantly, we provide dedicated support to meet your cross-border payment and collection needs. Our mission is simple: we use our vast FX experience to proactively make your business life a whole lot easier.

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